Best GoPro Accessories – The Mounts We Actually Use [2023]


Give yourself the edge in capturing incredible content with the best GoPro accessories of 2023. Find out which GoPro mounts, mods and other gear we recommend!

We’ve been professional photographers for years. And for years before that, we were avid amateur photographers and adventure sports lovers.

So when GoPro came along, it was the perfect fit for our lifestyle and passions.

On its own, the GoPro is already an incredibly powerful camera that fits in the palm of your hand.

The potential of this action camera has revolutionised outdoor sports and allowed unparalleled access to shots of human beings of all ages and abilities absolutely sending it.

Whatever that means to you, a GoPro is the smartest way to share your stoke with the world and owning a GoPro is one of our top photography tips.

The best GoPro accessories have taken that sharing potential another step further yet.

This list is here to explore those ventures!

Through mounts that allow you to film hands-free on all surfaces, battery chargers that can quadruple the amount of footage you can capture in a day’s shoot, and mods that turn your camera into a truly portable studio, let’s take a look at everything you need to take your GoPro to the next level. 

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Best GoPro Accessories of 2023 – Our Expert Guide

We searched through the mountains high and the valleys low to find the best GoPro accessories for all lifestyles.

Our list encompasses GoPro equipment for all sorts of lifestyles, and to qualify, these accessories had to make your life easier without too much strain on your wallet. 

Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty

  • Clamping your GoPro to a stationary object

  • Enhanced audio collection

  • Adding on additional ports

  • Brightening up your shots

Display Mod Front Facing Screen

Enduro Rechargeable Battery Two pack

  • Fast charging multiple batteries

External Microphone Adapter

  • Professional sound quality

  • Image stabilisation on rough surfaces


GoPro makes it easy to hook your camera up to just about anything. The Best GoPro accessories help your camera mount up to all sorts of surfaces and bring hands-free filming into the backcountry. 

Pole Mount

Gopro Pole Mount

Best For:

  • Biking
  • Skiing
  • Handlebar mounts

Ready for handlebars, seat posts, ski poles, and just about anything cylindrical, this GoPro mount is a must-have for action sports enthusiasts.

You can easily adjust this thoughtful quick-release mount to find the perfect angle, and it works great alongside a helmet mount or wrist strap when you need to relocate your camera fast. 

The key is in GoPro’s hinged design, which helps keep your camera attached regardless of the sitting angle. That flexibility plus the potent grip of the pole mount means you can clamp on to anything from 9 to 35 mm in diameter and stay on through a rough and tumble day in the great outdoors.

It’s a unique mount that really allows for loads of creativity. Unlike most static mounts, you can quickly cycle through positions and try out new shots.

Combine it with a durable casing and you can even lock it into place across your mountain bike handlebars or brake system for the shot of the day.

Bite Mouth Mount + Floaty

Gopro Floaty

Best for: 

  • Hands-free filming
  • Watersports

The Bite Mouth Mount and Floaty combo are all about getting tubular. A barrel rider’s best friend, this set-up is the king for a different kind of underwater housing.

The hands-free mount allows you to start and stop shooting with your teeth, helping you focus on sticking the drop in and tucking into a monster. 

The GoPro mount works without the floaty accessory, but who knows what’s going to happen when the exit closes on you unexpectedly?

It’s always a good idea to prepare for anything when heading into the water, so slip on the optional floaty, and you’ll always be able to track down your camera after a surprise closeout. 

This package combines two top GoPro accessories for surfing into one easy shipment.

The ergonomic bite mount has proven its ability to keep the camera steady and the rider engaged time and time again inside world-famous tubes like Pipeline and Skeleton Bay. 

Combining that efficiency with the floaty GoPro accessory, which keeps everything right where you can see it without getting in the way of LCD screen access or affecting access to the back touch screen, is a no-brainer.

Gopro Surfing Barrel Photo
Only a GoPro with the right accessories could capture a photo like this!

The Handler

Gopro Handler Accessory

Of all the GoPro accessories listed, our next selection is one of the most essential GoPro attachments out there. It’s simple and effective enough that no matter where you’re filming, the Handler takes care of business.

That extra splash of orange means this floating hand grip can practically walk on water while a wrist strap lanyard makes sure your camera never gets too far away in the first place.

The Handler has been around since the GoPro Hero cameras revolutionized underwater shooting, and we hope there will never be a day when we have to film without this crucial accessory.

The handler isn’t an extremely specialised GoPro mount. You’ll likely need a larger arsenal than just this basic camera floating grip that doubles as a small selfie stick, but it has enough value to serve as part of any camera crew’s bag of tricks.

El Grande

Go Pro El Grande Accessory

This is one of the best GoPro accessories for stretching things out a bit. El Grande is an extended GoPro mount that allows for studio-quality selfie shots and up close and personal captures of all sorts of events you’d rather stay a few feet back from. 

It’s not just the longest extension tool for your GoPro Hero camera. It’s also got all sorts of flexibility. You can expand and collapse the mount to find the perfect length and grab onto the oversized grip to get shooting. 

That flexibility and comfortable grip make the GoPro accessory a great choice for snorkelling as well as hiking trips, although we wish they would add on a wrist strap.

The integrated ball head and its 360-degree swivel help us overlook that flaw and make this the ultimate action camera selfie stick.

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Head Strap

Gopro Head Strap Accessory

Best For: 

  • First Person POV shots
  • Helmet mounts 

The GoPro Head Strap is the best way to truly film from a first-person perspective. This simple strap takes GoPro Cameras up to your point of view and helps you document your adventure while staying hands-free and in the moment. 

These head mounts are super adjustable and can be fitted directly to your noggin or strapped up as a GoPro helmet mount, but it’s important to note that the GoPro head strap is not for use in impact activities.

If you plan on doing a few flips or getting airborne, you’re better off with tighter helmet mounts that utilise clamps. 

The Head mounts are for calmer adventures, shipping with a quick clip attachment that easily grips hats, belts, and any other accessories that you’re wearing that day. 

While it’s not exactly extreme sport ready, this is one of the top GoPro accessories for everyday activity, thanks to its affordable price point and wide range of applications.  

Gopro Helmet Mount Snowboarding
A GoPro on your helmet is great for first-person POV filming on the slopes.

The Jaws

Gopro Jaws Accessory

Best For: 

  • Clamping your GoPro to a stationary object

A miniature, GoPro camera-ready version of the jaws of life, this versatile clip can hook up to just about anything. We love these GoPro accessories as they hold with an iron grip.

You can clip on your expensive camera and film without fear of detachment, even on irregular shapes and thin objects. 

The Jaws gets a few extra points because of its versatility all the way down the spine. The GoPro mounts can clamp with or without the extended neck, so you can adjust the shot and find the perfect angle. 

That basically means you’ll have two GoPro accessories in one slim package. Without the neck, this minuscule clamp can fit into any camera bag and grab hold of any objects less than 2 inches in Diameter.


Our next category of the best GoPro accessories is a relatively new addition to the company. Suitable for the GoPro Hero 8 and newer, these mods allow your camera to do more without relying on external cords. 

Media Mod

Gopro Media Mod Accessory

Best For: 

  • Enhanced audio collection
  • Adding on additional ports

Not all GoPro accessories are built for getting dirty. The Media Mod helps any GoPro action camera shift into the professional side of things with a built-in directional mic as well as handy attachments for two cold shoe mounts, an HDMI port, and an external microphone port.

The media mod is the basis for most other mod kits available from GoPro, which makes it the baseline addition for upping your portable production game. 

Besides the extra ports, the media mod provides a wrap-around plastic casing that ups wind resistance without adding on too much extra weight or interfering with the functionality of your GoPro cameras.

Unfortunately, all these extra ports drastically reduce the waterproofing that comes on the baseline GoPro, which makes the media mod not incredibly useful for filming action shots. 

The media mod has one job and one job only; to provide your GoPro with a high-quality vlogging solution, without loads of external cords and do-dads. 

Max Lens Mod

Gopro Max Lens Mod Accessory

Best For: 

  • Wider angle footage 
  • Image stabilization

Clipping right onto GoPro cameras’ existing screen protector, the Max Lens Mod can be compared to a zoom lens on a DSLR camera. 

The potential wrapped up in this minute display mod has made it one of the most popular GoPro accessories out there for passionate filmmakers and photographers alike.

This popularity means it may be a few weeks before you can get your hands on a max lens mod, but the mod comes with so many new settings you can spend that time learning the ropes.

Between superview, wide, and specialised 4:3 settings, you can cycle through loads of different angles to find your perfect shot.

Another perk of the max lens mod is increased stabilisation. The Hypersmooth setting allows videos up to 2.7k60 to stay buttery smooth no matter how bumpy the ride might be in real-time.

This nifty feature makes the mod a perfect partner for getting airborne, all while staying waterproof up to 5 Metres. 

Light Mod

Gopro Light Mod Accessory

Best For: 

  • Brightening up your shots
  • Vlogging

The GoPro Light Mod works alongside the previously mentioned media mod to bring your studio together. Cycle between four brightness settings and kick things off into overdrive to blast 200 Lumens into your scenery.

A GoPro light mod is a critical tool for getting the most out of your GoPro camera, and it even comes with its own 6-hour rechargeable battery life, so you can make the shot pop without draining your GoPro batteries. 

One of the coolest things about the mod coming with its own extra battery and a standard cold shoe mounting slot is that it becomes usable on all sorts of cameras.

You can keep the light shining on all sorts of footage and easily hook up this mod to DSLR cameras, or just hold it in one hand while you shoot with the other. 

The best GoPro accessories are the ones that can impact your entire camera kit, and this light mod is paving the way for future brands to embrace adaptability. 

Display Mod Front Facing Screen

Gopro Display Mod Front Facing Camera Screen

This sleek flip-up screen is the next great addition made possible by the GoPro accessories media mod. The Display Mod Front Facing Screen is perfect for one-person filming crews who want to pay attention to the background while on camera. 

Unlike other GoPro accessories, this additional screen doesn’t support touchscreen capabilities, so it’s best used with a smart remote for flawless cuts.

You can easily fold down the GoPro display mod for easy transportation when not in use, and deploy the larger screen in seconds when it’s time to start filming. 

The screen also reduces the need for more spare batteries by including its own rechargeable battery. That means you can up your output without additional strain on your Gopro’s battery.

The stock GoPro camera that sits on the front of the latest GoPro models just isn’t quite enough to properly capture selfies and any face-to-face camera interactions, so the front-facer puts your visage on the big screen. 


Adding an additional layer of security to your GoPro camera will ensure your lens stays fresh and your camera stays ready to film for decades. 

Protective Housing 

Gopro Protective Housing

Best For: 

  • Keeping your GoPro Fresh
  • Underwater filming
  • Extreme sports

A protective casing for your GoPro may seem like something only high-flyers and risk-takers need to invest in, but this protective housing pays massive dividends without interfering much with your camera’s usual operation to serve as one of the best GoPro accessories for any owner.

The case works its magic in all steps of the process. Whether your camera is getting squished down into the bottom of your bag, taking the brunt of your more spectacular crashes, or simply dealing with the wear and tear of everyday life, this attachment is the best GoPro safety measure on the market.

The tough plastic casing greatly improves any GoPro hero model’s natural water resistance and helps you dive deeper and film more moments without worrying about cracking the screen protector.

Go Pro Housing
Housing is one of the coolest and most useful GoPro accessories.

Volta (for Creators)

Gopro Volta Accessory

If you’re hoping to find the best GoPro accessories that can do it all in one package, allow us to introduce you to this powerhouse. 

The Volta is essentially four GoPro accessories in one – a floating hand grip, an extra battery, a wireless remote, and its own dedicated tripod. For certain creators, this one package will have everything you need to get the most out of your GoPro.

The Volta defines itself as a battery grip tripod hybrid, which is a whole lot going on in such a small package. The crazy thing is, that definition might still be underselling these GoPro accessories’ capabilities. 

Not only can the volta improve your GoPro camera’s battery life, but it can also charge any USB-C device, which helps give juice to a variety of mods and external microphones.

Anyone with a GoPro subscription can find substantial savings on this and the entire creator bundle, which pairs the volta with the GoPro media mod to create a truly mobile studio that fits in your pocket. 


GoPro’s stock batteries will provide about an hour of footage, but a grand day out will bring much more opportunity than that to the table. These are the best GoPro accessories for stretching out your shooting time. 

Enduro Rechargeable Battery Two pack

Gopro Enduro Rechargeable Batteries

Best For: 

  • Longer shoots
  • Cold weather filming 

A spare battery is an essential item for any list of the best GoPro accessories. It ain’t easy filming action sequences in 4KHD, and your stock GoPro battery life won’t get you through a full day on the slopes. 

However, not all spare batteries are made equal, and the Enduro two-pack really drives that point home.

The Enduro spare battery line is the best GoPro battery yet, capable of maintaining high performance in frigid temperatures. Thanks to 1720 mAh of lithium-ion battery tech, these spare batteries are the best bet in the business for a full day’s shoot.

Enduro batteries promise up to 40% more recording time than standard GoPro accessories, so this two-pack will add hours of potential to your next grand day out. 

Dual Battery Charger

Gopro Dual Battery Charger

Best For: 

  • Fast charging multiple batteries
  • Filming lots of content between charges

If you’re considering upgrading to Enduro batteries, this dual battery charger actually ships with batteries included and has proven itself to be the fastest way to charge your GoPro accessories. 

The system works with the Enduro series and standard batteries that come in stock in all GoPro models to keep your camera rolling.

This unit charges two batteries at the same time and delivers both batteries fully charged 13% faster than a standard charger could deliver one. That’s double the juice in half the time! 

The dual battery charger’s slim size + USB connection means you can hook this battery charger up to an external battery and keep hours of juice in your back pocket at all times.  

Gopro Underwater Snorkeling
Having the right batteries is essential for long days out in the water!

There are a whole lot more customisation options out there. Here is the best of the rest. 

SD Cards

Sandisk Sd Card

Best For: 

  • Longer shoots
  • Faster transfers

Sometimes the best GoPro accessories come in the smallest package. SD cards may not be the sexiest add-on on our list, but this slim card can quite literally double the capabilities of your GoPro Hero.

This SanDisk SD card built for GoPro packs in 256 GB of storage capacity. They also support full 4KHD filming, and fast video speed class reads that help transfer the day’s footage to the editing room faster. 

It’s all protected by a lifetime warranty, so you can shoot freely knowing all your footage is in safe hands. 

3-Way 2.0

Gopro 3 Way 2 Camera Accessory

Best For: 

  • Tripod still shots
  • Selfies

If we had to pick our favourite of all the Best GoPro accessories we’ve covered today, our editor’s choice is this three-way tripod

Between an integrated ball joint that allows you to adjust the camera 360 degrees, a quick folding mini tripod, and an extension arm that serves as a selfie stick, you can have just about any angle all in the palm of your hand.

The best part is that the entire kit is completely waterproof, which makes this a perfect selfie stick for beach days or rainy afternoons on the mountaintop. It adds up to a whole lot of the best GoPro accessories all tied into one unit that you can hold in one hand, so you can brace for impact with the other.

Luckily, all this value doesn’t have to be complicated. A standard tripod screw allows these GoPro accessories to hook up to various types of equipment and easily cycle your GoPro through different mounts with minimal downtime. 

External Microphone Adapter

Gopro External Mic Adapter

Best For: 

  • Professional sound quality
  • Vlogging

Every great director knows they need a bit of help from their friends, and so do the best GoPro accessories.

This small plug acts as an external microphone adapter that allows you to connect your camera equipment to any 3.5mm microphone so you can pair your 4KHD camera with crystal clear sound quality.

Most professional-level external microphones will use the 3.5mm male plug to connect to your equipment. This adapter is prepared to connect in the here and now and also with any other future brands that pop up.

GoPro’s included microphones may capture the gist of things, but if you really want to take your professionalism up a notch, you should consider this adapter to connect your camera to your favourite sound equipment. 

Gopro Motorbike
A good microphone can help you capture the best sound quality on your GoPro.

Suction Cup

Gopro Suction Cup Mount

Best For: 

  • High-speed filming
  • Driving POV

The GoPro Suction Cup is a must-have accessory for anyone wanting to capture some POV footage from their vehicle.

All you have to do is make sure your GoPro suction cup is hooked up to a clean surface and let the industrial strength suction keep things secure even at speeds above 150 Mph.

If you’re going any faster than that, you might want to stop filming and pay attention to what’s in front of you!

The best GoPro accessories for high-speed filming works well paired with a protective housing unit. You can cycle between the standard base and quick release base depending on how fast you need to unhook your GoPro. 

Shorty Mini Tripod

Gopro Shorty Mini

Best For: 

  • Selfies
  • Image stabilization on rough surfaces

The last, but certainly not least, addition to our list of the best GoPro accessories is the GoPro Shorty Mini Tripod. These GoPro accessories have been around almost as long as the GoPro cameras themselves, and have stayed a steady partner as the cameras increased in power every year.

The mini tripod can fit in your pocket and expand up to 10 inches tall to get you over the hump and capture the perfect view. You can compact the tripod legs and have an incredibly compact grip on your camera equipment through a selfie stick or expand the tripod and capture stable shots on all sorts of surfaces. 

We’ve covered the gambit, from GoPro mounts that can handle high-speed situations to the little things that will help make your GoPro great. 

The best GoPro accessory is often a package of a few different pieces of equipment that work together to help extend your film time and keep your hands free for bombing hills.

With this guide in your back pocket, find your perfect accessories and get into it!

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